My Virginia Log Cabin

Having lived in a large city most of my life, one of the things that I desire most is peace and quiet. While the hustle and bustle of the city provides a cadence all its own to life, what I seek is calm, quiet and time to think and be alone with my thoughts.

So this project is now officially started. I am looking for a log cabin in the woods of Virginia. I am looking for a place to retire to.

Does it have to be “off the grid”? No. But it does need to be rural. I am not looking for the “look” of simplicity and a tranquil lifestyle. I am looking to LIVE a tranquil lifestyle.  This blog is all about my journey to find this place and my adventures once I do.

See this cabin behind me. This is a representation in my mind of what I want.

I do not seek comfort in a grandiose home which comes with its own set of demands and upkeep. My ex-wife has that. (And she WAS that. ;-) ) I seek the calm of the wind through the trees at night and the quiet of a still morning where I can watch the sunrise and enjoy each day I have left.